Eliminate Work With AI

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AI Agent Development

AI can handle many of the tasks that comprise many jobs.

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11 Years Of Experience

We have been deploying AI for businesses for more than 11 years.

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Guiding You Along The Way

We guide you in the elimination of your busy work.

100% Custom AI Agents For Your Business

Tailored to your specific needs.

Customer Support Representative

Automate the handling of support tickets from full ticket resolution to smart esclations.

Business Development Representative (BDR)

Outbound sales messaging that is one-to-one with 100% unique copy in every message.

Virtual Assistant

Handling mundane tasks and communications.

Marketing Representative

Create and scheduling of marketing content.

Sales Ops

Get a summary of contracts/accounts and customer success trends automatically.

Billing Representative

Automate billing to create quicker payments, charge disputes, and billing reports.

Accounts Receivable / Collections

Recovery for failed billing and email collections communications.

Reporting Assistant

Receive scheduled reports across sectors of the business to keep you up to date on all the important data points.

How It Works

Our streamlined process ensures your AI Agents are effective and continuously optimized.

Request an AI Agent

Discovery: After making a request, you'll discuss all of the details with your account engineer.

Delivery: Your AI Agent will be delivered within one week (typically sooner).

Modifications: Need to modify the work? You'll have unlimited modifications.

Add An AI Agent

Delivery: Depending on which plan you select you can add additional AI Agent as soon as the previous one is complete.

Cancelling / Pausing

We know you might not need the service all the time so we make it easy for you to pause or cancel any time!

What Our Customers Say About Our Services

We would spend hours on cold outbound for modest returns. Lode4 create an outbound AI Agent that is generating a 34% open rate and nearly 5% conversion rate. Crazy.

We tried to hire for this position for 6 months with no luck. Then Lode4 eliminated all the tasks we had for the job. It's such a huge value I don't know how to calculate it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Good question. The annual cost of a full-time AI Engineer now exceeds $180,000 plus benefits. Aside from that you may not always have enough work to keep the engineer busy. With our monthly subscription you can turn off the service when you don't need it.

Once subscribed, you're able to add as many AI Agents as you'd like and they will be delivered one after another.

Most new AI Agents are functional within one week.

If you ever want to turn off the service it's simple. Simply click the "Pause" or "Cancel" button.

We offer a ton of flexibility. During onboarding we discuss all of the tools you use and make sure we can access all of them programmatically. When you need a new AI you can message us to get it started.

Yes. We don't currently offer hardware-related tasks.

Membership Levels


$3,995 / per month

  • 1 AI Agent
  • Average week delivery
  • Unlimited users
  • Easy online payment
  • Pause or Cancel anytime


$5,995 / per month

  • Unlimited AI Agents
  • Average 1 week delivery
  • Unlimited users
  • Easy online payment
  • Pause or Cancel anytime